Our Services:

When you decide to get your Monthly Expense Reduction Plan, we will first conduct a
Monthly Expense Reduction Assessment (application).  This can be done in your home
(preferred), or over the phone.  It usually takes about an hour to go through every aspect that
we need to cover.  It takes approximately one
-two weeks after the application is completed
to receive your Monthly Expense Reduction Plan.  This time is needed to contact different
service providers, and companies to make sure you are getting the best prices available on all
of your monthly expenses.

This is a four part plan:
1st-We shop around, and utilize preexisting relationships to find you the best prices on your
heating oil, cable, phone, Internet, insurance, etc.
2nd-We will utilize many years of financial backgrounds to advise on the best ways to get
better rates and terms with mortgages, credit cards, loans.
3rd-We show you how to save substantially on groceries, electricity, and gasoline
4th-We teach you about credit.  REAL advice, from REAL experts!  We give you an in
depth analysis of your current credit profile and scores, and then we teach you exactly how to
make them better.  This is the part that will help you get better rates and terms for the rest of
your li

**We can also offer guidance in many of the following areas, but are not limited to:
  • What you can do if you are behind on your mortgage (what government programs and
    insider tactics are available to you)
  • What your options are in avoiding foreclosure
  • What to do if you are behind on loans and/or credit cards
  • What you can do if you have been approached by or are thinking about credit
    counseling, and how to make sure you work with the right company (VERY important)
  • What to do about low or no credit scores
  • How to increase or establish your credit rating, safely and easily; real information from
    real experts (there is a GREAT deal of incorrect information out there!)
  • We can help teach your high-school or college-aged children about finances and credit
    before they start getting those credit card offers
  • There are many other areas we may be able to help with as well, all as part of our
    service to you!

The cost of the Monthly Expense Reduction Plan is
a one-time charge of $99 which will enable
the average family to save $450 in the first month and over $5,000 per year!  Prices may vary
depending on the complexity of the situation.  The price is determined after a brief conversation
about your current situation (your free consultation).  We will save you hundreds per month, every
month, for less than the cost of an appraisal on your home.   
CONTACT US today and we will
give you a quote in less than 10 minutes.  
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What if I have poor credit?
No problem!  We DO NOT review your credit to determine if we will do business with you.  One
of our main objectives is to help you improve your credit, while we save you money.

What if I am in foreclosure?
No problem!  We may be able to help prevent the foreclosure by showing you your options, and if
we can't stop it, we can show you what to do from there!

Do I need to own a home?
No, you do not need to be a homeowner to use this service.  We are able to save people money no
matter where they live.

If you are not a credit counseling company, and we do not need to
refinance or take out a loan, what kind of company are you?
*We are a consulting firm.  We consult families on how best to save money and how to maximize
their monthly budget.  
We are a company that has developed relationships with service providers
(i.e. oil companies, cable/satellite companies, insurance companies, etc.) to make sure you can get
better deals on your monthly expenses.  
*We also have the ability to give consumers insider information and advice on things like
mortgages, credit cards, loans and credit scores.  
*We have an unofficial "board of advisors", from all different fields, that have helped develop one
of the most comprehensive financial advice companies on the market.  However, most of these
contributors have other jobs in their respective areas of expertise.  We need to be careful about
licensing conflicts, and conflicts of interest, so we have designated this service to be "financial
coaching".  This helps our contributors prevent any conflicts with the other companies for whom
they work, and still allows us to utilize their advice.

How much does this cost?
Usually a one-time charge of $99 will enable you to save an average of $450 in the first month and
over $5,000 per year!  The prices may vary depending on the complexity of the situation.  It only
takes 5-10 minutes to get a quote!  Please see our
CONTACT US section.

What will I need when I call?
We encourage you to provide a brief outline of where you work, how much you make, how much
you have in savings, and a very rough idea of how much you spend each month on bills.  If you do
not have this information, don't worry!  We will walk you through the process when you call.  It is
a reasonably simple process and you will be saving money NEXT MONTH!

Do you gather personal information from me?  And, if so, how do I know
it is safe to give to you?
Yes.  We collect a lot of personal information; we have to.  The founder of this company has an
extensive background in finance, and is very cognisant of the importance of protecting information
in today's world.  We take this
very seriously. The security and protection of your information is
paramount.  Please see our
PRIVACY POLICY, and also visit the Federal Trade Commission
link provided on that same page.  We make sure we take every precaution possible to protect your
information, and we DO NOT share that information with anyone, except when it is in relation to
saving you money on one of your bills!
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