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Privacy Policy Statement

Financial Coaching Solutions, LLC, recognizes the security of the information provided to
us is paramount.

The following sets forth our policy with respect to the non-public information provided by
or about our customers.

There are many types of information and data collected by FCS, LLC in the course of your
budget assessment, and you should be aware of the types of information we collect, and
what we do with the information about you that is provided to us.

FCS, LLC does NOT sell non-public personal or financial information to third parties.  We
will not share personal information with unaffiliated third parties, except as required to
find you cheaper alternatives to your existing monthly obligations.

FCS, LLC makes a commitment to you to respect your privacy, and will act to protect your
personal information by following the guidelines set forth by the Federal Trade
Commission as closely as possible.

FCS, LLC, in the assessment and development of budgeting solutions, will gather various
personal and financial information about you in order to provide you with a thorough and
complete Expense Reduction Plan.  This information includes, but is not limited to your
name, address, phone and e-mail information, social security number, date of birth,
account numbers and other forms of information that may identify you as a specific

We may also collect information about your employment and income, and assets and
liabilities needed to complete a thorough assessment.

FCS, LLC may share any of this information about you with third parties that need
personal information to provide accurate quotes for service, only as it pertains to finding
ways to reduce your monthly expenses.  Examples of such companies with whom we
intend to work will include, but are not limited to Cable/Satellite providers, Phone
companies, Cell phone companies, Internet providers, Home heating oil providers,
Insurance companies, Credit card companies, Credit repositories (Equifax, Experian, and
Trans Union), Car companies, National/State banks, and Credit unions.  Your information
is shared with such companies only when applicable to reducing your monthly expenses.

In addition, we will disclose information in our possession where and when required by law
(i.e. court order or upon demand of law enforcement).


FCS, LLC has established practices to protect the integrity of your non-public personal
information stored electronically or in paper format.  Such access is authorized for
business purposes only.  FCS, LLC employees are committed to protecting your private
information.  Additionally, we make every effort to destroy any excess paperwork related
to your assessment.

FCS, LLC reserves the right to modify this Privacy Statement.
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personal information
from the Federal
Trade Commission.  
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