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About FCS

FCS was originally created as an alternative to the current loss mitigation options utilized by
banks and mortgage companies.  A loss mitigation officer's job is to work out a plan with a
customer who has defaulted on their loan, and help the bank get their money.  These
customers are told to eliminate all non-essential spending.  The officer will conduct a horribly
invasive assessment of the customer's finances.  
Then they determine if the customer is
deserving of financial mercy .  They instruct customers to stop shopping at certain stores,
eliminate their cable or satellite tv, their Internet connection, nights out, and even extra-
curricular activities for their children.  Their job is to make sure the customer finds a way to
make their payment, at all cost.  In theory, this makes sense.  The bank loaned that money,
and they deserve to be paid as agreed, but these practices have proven to be very cold, and
not very successful in the long run.

Our plan was to take the theory of loss mitigation, but apply it as a
benefit for the customer.  
We conduct an in-depth assessment of your financial situation, in order to show you how
and where to save money. We do this for a one-time, very reasonable charge, that will help
you live better and cheaper, for the rest of your life.  Instead of telling you to eliminate pieces
of your lives, we show you how to keep the things you like, but pay a lot less now and in the

Our Mission Statement:

The primary objective of FCS, it's officers and representatives, is to help our customers
reduce their monthly expenses.  We will make recommendations, developed through intense
research and years of experience, that will benefit the customer by lessening the expense of
many of their bills.  Our goal is to show customers how to save money without spending
money and, when applicable, how to save money with cost effective investments.  We will
go through a detailed assessment process that will help expose areas of need, and
opportunities to save.  This assessment will review almost every aspect of our customers
finances in order to help ensure we are taking every opportunity to show them how and
where they can save money.

Financial Coaching Solutions, it's officers and representatives, will always put the needs and
best interests of our clients first.  We will always make sure that we practice due diligence in
providing suggestions that are fiscally beneficial to our customers.  We also make a
commitment to maintaining a professional demeanor at all times.  We will always treat our
customers with a
n appropriate level of respect.  Our best interests will always be the
customer's best interest, and we hold no relationship with any vendor in higher regard.  We
do not, and will not, take any "kickbacks" or referral fees from any vendor at any time.  We
made this policy to help
ensure that our only objective is to save the customer money, no
matter what company we need to use to achieve that goal.

We will empower our customers to save money with the following, but are not limited to:
  • A detailed explanation of how credit works and why it is important
  • How to transfer balances on credit cards properly
  • How and where to get the best deals on credit cards
  • How to know the difference in the various types of credit card offers
  • How and where to get the best deals on loans and mortgages
  • How to understand the different types of loans and mortgages available
  • How to utilize energy saving tactics and products
  • How to save money with service providers (oil, phone, cable, etc...)
  • How save money on groceries
  • How to save money on gasoline
  • Myriad other cost saving techniques

The service provided by FCS
can be described as; budgetary consulting or formulated
suggestions pertaining to the organization of monthly expenses, and general encouragement
to review alternative options in matters related to monthly financial obligations.  We will
utilize established relationships with services providers to ensure our customers have the
opportunity to receive the best services and price possible.  In so doing we pledge to never
favor one service provider over another, except when it is of monetary benefit to our
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