One call to FCS can save you $325-$1200 per month with our Monthly Expense
Reduction Plan!!

You DO NOT need to take another loan or credit card!
DO NOT need to refinance your home!

NO credit checks; NO "closing costs"; NO rates; NO monthly fees;
NO catch!!!
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We have modified traditional financial advice to address your monthly budget and show
you how to save money, right away!  
You don't need to get rid of all your "luxuries" if we
can show you how to get them cheaper!  
Our service is an inexpensive, one-time fee, and
we provide you with a personalized
Monthly Expense Reduction Plan, which will save you
money in the first month.  
This is a consultation service for family budgeting.  We can use
our relationships and contracts with service providers to get you better prices on your
cable, phone,
Internet, heating oil, insurance, etc.  We will show you how to get better rates
and terms on credit cards, loans, and mortgages; we will show you how to improve your
credit; and we will introduce you to partners that will substantially reduce your grocery bills,
electric bills, gas bills, etc.  This is an all-in-one financial service.  No tricks or hidden fees;
thorough advice and great service.

The advice and suggestions we provide have been developed through years of research
and experience.  We have gathered some of the top advisors in their respective industries
(credit bureau's, mortgage companies, credit card companies, grocery stores, oil providers,
insurance companies, etc.) that have helped develop our application process, and the
solutions we present to you.  We also have established relationships with service providers
to make sure you are getting the best prices.  We go through everything!

Monthly Expense Reduction Plan will give you insider information and save you
hundreds on your monthly bills!!!

An example of SOME of the savings we will find for you:
Bill                                   Average Cost/month           Average Savings/month
Credit Card payments       $239.00                                $53.00
Heating Oil                       $110.00                                 $12.00
Cable/phone/internet         $163.00                                 $32.00
Home/Car insurance         $167.00                                 $24.33
Groceries                         $415.00                                 $92.00
Gasoline                           $285.00                                 $17.95
Mortgage                         $1580.00                               $185.00
Electric Bill                       $77.00                                   $16.00
Total Monthly Savings                                               $456.28

We will empower our customers with the ability to:
  • Utilize our connections to get the best prices for phone, cable, and Internet
  • Utilize our connections to get the best price and contract for home heating oil
  • Utilize our connections to save money on groceries
  • Utilize our connections to save money on gasoline
  • Advise how and where to get the best deals on credit cards
  • Advise how to transfer credit card balances properly
  • Advise how to know the difference in the various types of credit card offers
  • Advise how and where to get the best deals on loans and mortgages
  • Advise how to understand the different types of loans and mortgages available
  • Advise how to utilize energy saving tactics and products
  • A detailed explanation of how credit works and how you can save more in the future
  • Myriad other cost saving techniques

We can provide guidance when:
  • You are behind on your mortgage (how to negotiate with the mortgage company)
  • You are facing foreclosure (the government and bailout programs for which you may
  • You are considering credit counseling (how to get with the right company; VERY
  • You are behind on credit card or loan payments (how to negotiate with the company)
  • You are trying increase or establish your credit scores (we have REAL advice from
    REAL experts; there is a GREAT deal of incorrect information out there!)
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